6 Tips for Proper Auto Glass Replacement Aftercare

Auto glass is one of the most important components of a vehicle. It keeps you and your passengers safe while driving by shielding you from outside threats. Repairing auto glass is occasionally possible, but not always.

Drivers should comprehend the distinction between auto glass replacement and repair. Auto glass replacement is required when a windshield, side window, or back window is damaged beyond repair. On the other hand, auto glass repair takes place when the breaks in your side windows or windshield are relatively minor to be repaired.

You must perform routine maintenance after installing your new windshield to keep the seal in place and the new glass stable and long-lasting. The glue needs time to dry and solidify before it can attach to the glass. Follow the recommendations provided by Auto Glass Repair OC to get the best results.

1. Keep the Windows Barely Open

Whether your automobile is parked inside or outdoors, leaving your windows barely open will prevent pressure from building up and compromising the curing process.

2. Drive Cautiously Drive Cautiously

While the adhesion is still set up, you should avoid driving on uneven roads or over speed bumps for the first 24 hours after installation. If you can't avoid it, drive slowly.

3. Close Doors Carefully

The adhesion process is still in progress 24 to 48 hours after your windshield repair, so any disruption will interfere with the anticipated outcomes and lead to leaks or detachments. Do not use excessive force while closing the doors or even the boot of your automobile.

4. Stay Away from Car Washes

It's essential to refrain from utilizing pressure washers or car washes on your automobile for at least 48 hours after your auto glass replacement. But it's acceptable to wash your automobile with a garden hose.

5. Don't Park in Direct Sunlight

Extreme heat can compromise sealing and cause water leaks.

6. Avoid Putting Anything Near Your Window

Make sure nothing is on your dashboard since it puts pressure on your new car glass, at least while the drying process.

People often avoid auto glass replacement or repair because they believe it isn't a big deal, that they can wait a little longer before calling a professional, that it's too expensive to pay for, or that it won't happen if they just leave it alone. But that is not the case.

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