3 Things You Should Consider if You Need a Windshield Repair

Your car's auto glass is essential and serves more than just aesthetic purposes. Your safety is also compromised if the quality of your car's glass, particularly the windshield, is inadequate. If you take shortcuts and don't work with a reputable auto glass company, then it's likely that you could put yourself in danger. Your windshield keeps you inside your car in an accident and prevents debris from entering while you're driving.

Knowing this, you will probably want to learn more about the windshield repair process. So today, we will share with you three things to consider when getting a windshield repair.

Windshield Glass Repair

  1. The Size of Cracks

Before you get your windshield repaired, it is important to know the size of your cracks. Typically, auto glass shops can repair cracks smaller than one inch. Chips larger than that will lead to auto glass replacement. The same rule applies to cracks. If you have more than three attempts or chips, you will have to replace the windshield. The type of damage will determine the size of the windshield repair you need. Chips and combination breaks may need replacement or repair.

  1. The Location of the Chip

If your windshield chip spreads across the entire windshield, it might be time for a windshield repair. A chip in the windshield can occur for several reasons. A professional can inspect it and make sure it is repaired correctly.

While it may seem like a small chip in the glass will not affect your vision, it can grow into a crack if left unattended. Cracks in the windshield may eventually become a big problem, and they can endanger the driver and passengers. Not only are windshields a safety feature, but they also help the vehicle maintain its structure. A flawed windshield could cause the roof of the vehicle to cave in.

  1. Environmental impact

Did you know that one glass repair can reduce the carbon footprint of a vehicle by more than 20%? This reduction in carbon dioxide emissions would be equivalent to making ten more windshield repairs. Compared to replacing, repairing a windshield would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 57 million tons.

Besides, unlike other glass materials like bottles and cans, auto glass is easy to recycle. In the past, Recycling broken glass wasn't possible until now, so most of it ended up in a landfill. However, advancements in glass recycling and reuse techniques have made this a possibility. Currently, auto glass is made of two layers laminated with a plastic polymer PVB. This polymer layer protects the glass from cracks and is removed during recycling.

Auto Glass Repair OC is an environmentally friendly auto glass company. Unlike most auto glass shops, We promote repair first before replacement. You can always count on us to look out for your best interest. If you need an auto glass repair or any other type of auto glass service, we are always ready to help. Contact us today!